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Anonymous asked in HealthGeneral Health CareFirst Aid · 2 months ago

Hip injections and continuous hip pain?

A month or so ago i went to the ER for an infection not hip related 

They prescribed me some meds and gave me the first dosage in shot form in the hip (more or so butt cheeckish) they gave me amoxicillin and torodal. 

It was bruised and sore for about 2 weeks which is expected but now that its healed im noticing hip problems is this normal? 

Sometimes when I get out of my car I have to move slow because it feels like my hip is locked up same thing when i walk or if im laying down and raise my leg i feel pain all the way down to my thigh from the injected area 

Is this normal? Will it go away? Has anyone else experienced it? 

I'm 22 and a female and have had no prior medical issues 

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