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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceCareers & EmploymentFood Service · 2 months ago

Why do people treat me like I’m somehow “too good” to work in fast food? ?

I am a 23 yr old female and a few months ago, I started at a fast food joint with also sit down eating. I work in the kitchen making the food. I needed a job and thought fast food would be fun. (I found out it is while working there) I’ve never looked at people who work in fast food to be losers or anything. Just people who need a job and want to contribute something in their lives even if they can’t make it in an amazing job. Well apparently people who work in fast food think differently. They appeared like they thought their jobs were bad. I got a lot of attention from the guys working in the kitchen so apparently I’m attractive. One of them said something to me that kind of unsettled me a 

few days after working there. 

He was asking me questions about my life and all that and then he said “What are you DOING here?” I was taken aback and said, “huh?” He repeated it again and asked why I was working there like it was some horrible place to work and I was somehow too good to be there or something. I just said I needed a job. Was this supposed to be taken as a compliment or something? Because it felt kinda rude to me. I’ve never seen myself as “too good” for anything. I wasn’t able to go to college due to being poor and I just needed a job to live off of. I appreciate any job I can get.


There are lots of other attractive girls my age that work there and are waitresses in the place. Why are they there huh? They never question any of them why they are there. Why did they single me out? Does me working in the kitchen make me a loser or something? Why would they view me like this? 

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  • 2 months ago
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    I don't know, but my experience is that jealousy (especially based on looks) is a big issue among women. But maybe it's not actually how you look, but how you communicate or carry yourself. Are you more verbally astute, for example? Do you perform your job better than the others? People are pretty good at sensing "who is different" based on subtle cues that you may not even realize you're sending.

    But don't worry about it. Do a good job and rise above the others over time. Treat everyone fairly, because before long you'll be the manager and will need their respect.

    Source(s): Thirty-five years of running my own business.
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