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What do I do with my stuff if I get a job on a fishing boat?

I'm moving to Florida, Tampa specifically, and I decided to try getting a job on a fishing boat. I know it's hard work but I'm read to learn.

What I'm wondering though is, what do I do with my car and my luggage if I actually manage to find a ship that will let me on board? I know the boats can be out at sea for at minimum a week at a time. I don't have an apartment yet and was just gonna do a rent by the week rooms till I had my new finances down there sorted out, but if I'm gonna try for this sort of job then what do I do with my stuff?

It's just 2 suitcase and car. Should I just park it at the airport long term parking or something? Also are there even fishing boats like I'm thinking in Tampa? If there are do I just go down to the docks and ask around? What docks even?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    You have a small space to hold your stuff.  Don't bring a suitcase, or cardboard box or fancy luggage.  Just a soft canvas or laundry bag.  Be sure to have a few pairs of wool socks and  proper foul weather gear.  Ask your shipmates for advice.   Bring drugs and you'll be swimming home.

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