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ksnake10 asked in Science & MathematicsZoology · 2 months ago

What would happen if South American Africanized killer bees arrived in Africa?

Could South American Africanized killer bees displace the African bees in parts of Africa?  Or could the African bees overpower their South American cousins? What could potentially happen to the African ecosystem in this scenario? 

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  • 2 months ago
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    Africanized bees would be easier to domesticate than pure African bees, so beekeepers might like to have them.

    The pure African bees are the same species as European bees, but they have diverged because Europeans domesticated them and Africans didn't.  Europeans care for the bees and take a part of their honey.  Africans traditionally would simply attack a hive an destroy it and take all the honey.  Now if they started keeping Africanized bees, it could work out well for them.  Remember, the African bees got loose in South America because a scientist was working on a hybrid form that would be more hardy.  They are more hardy than pure European bees, because they are not so inbred; they have more genetic diversity.  

    No doubt some of the bees would get loose and create a wild colony, just as our European bees do.  

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