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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 3 months ago

How would you react if someone thought "WWII" stood for "Wonder Woman 1984 (II)"?

I said that WWII was one of biggest events in history where so many people were killed.


And this girl said basically "Hey. WWII was a great movie. Just because you didn't like it, it's not fair to say watching the movie kills people. You just hate strong women."


She has blue hair. And according to her bio, she "hates Nazis" (and yet thinks WWII stands for Wonder Woman 1984) and her pronouns are she/her (like I couldn't tell that by simply looking at her feminine face with long hair :P ).

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  • 3 months ago
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    If this actually happened (and given the nature of Y/A it's not likely), then this girl is an idiot and should be mocked relentlessly.  A friend of mine went on a trip to New Orleans and there was a WW2 museum there because that's where they made the Higgins boats used on D-Day.  His best friend's girlfriend then asked what D-Day was and everyone present just stared at her in stunned silence.

    Tell her she's wrong.  The first movie was very good (except the early bits on Themyscira and the ending where they turned the movie into a boring CG lightshow).  The middle though was AWESOME.  If they could have kept up and stuck the landing (by which I mean a better climax) that it would have been one of the best superhero movies ever.  Offer this as proof that WW1984's problem wasn't the protagonist's gender.

    WW1984 though was AWFUL from start to finish.  The action scenes were boring (except the armored convoy scene - that was decent), there was almost no comic relief, the acting was dreadful, and the script was worse.  They were doing a Monkey's Paw story but the consequences of the wishes had nothing to do with the wish themselves...WHICH IS THE POINT OF MONKEYS PAW STORIES!!!  The climactic fight was awful, half hard to see in the dark and half just Diana's lame *** armor that wasn't important to the plot in any was just shiny.  It was little more than an easter egg.

    It made no sense for her to still be hung up on a guy she knew for about a week 60 years earlier.  Pedro Pascal's wish made no sense.  In fact MOST of the wishes made no sense.  WW doing superhero stuff in public contradicts the continuity (which I don't mind as it was stupid continuity).  And they couldn't even stick the nostalgia angle - which is the clear reason they set it in the 80s because Captain Marvel exploited 90s nostalgia so well, and the DCEU has long been about monkey-see-monkey-do.

    If she's advertising her pronouns, she's a virtue signaller.  She doesn't actually care about stuff, but she wants to be PERCEIVED as caring.  And if she truly hates Nazis, ask her why she's so eager to try to shame people to stop them from speaking.  because that's true fascism.

  • 2 months ago

    Stop stressing over one kid who doesn't know history. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Just shake my head and wonder about the future of our country.

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