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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesTheater & Acting · 2 months ago

Why is porn not considered real acting?

I keep hearing this. There's a script. A director. A set. Dialogue. Actors saying lines and performing actions by interacting with other actors. It's meant to be entertainment and to have an audience. It generates millions of dollars in revenue and provides successful careers that lead to future acting opportunities. What am I missing here?

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    2 months ago
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    I'm pretty sure back in the day when it first started, it used to just be people going at it and nothing else. When they were threatened with being shut down because what they were doing was no better than prostitution, they began adding short skits and dialog to the films so that they could legally fall under the category of movies. Everything was poorly written and quickly put together because obviously the main focus was the sex, which is why it always came off so horrible and comedic, because they literally put no effort into it. The only reason they have scripts, directors, sets, and all that is because they have to. The last thing they care about is talent because the whole point is the sex. It's not real acting because there's no real acting involved and you don't do four years of acting school for p0rn. You just memorise a couple lines and then bone. There's no skill involved, no talent, you're not getting paid for your acting ability, the dialog doesn't matter, the story doesn't matter, the characters don't matter,  there's no emotion, nobody is actually watching to be 'entertained', etc. Very rarely will you see p0rnstars lead successful acting careers outside of adult entertainment, and even if they do it's rarely anything super significant. Most of them aren't great actors and their delivery usually still comes off as weird and awkward. Similar to when most wrestlers try to become actors. Its just weird, but the odd one can pull it off. You're also not going to see p0rn films advertised and released like normal movies. There won't be billboards, or commercials, or any of that stuff. They won't come out in theatres and you won't find them while flipping through your favourite tv channels. P0rnos aren't movies with sex in them, they're sex flicks with short occasional movie elements peppered in. Real actors popularity is based on their abilities. P0rn actors popularity is based on how hot they are. 

    We could talk about this forever and go over every little detail, but there's really no point. Someone will always argue different, especially if they're in the industry, but there's really nothing backing p0rn up in this case. Nothing about it makes it great or noteworthy in the same regard as regular movies and actors. You can argue that it's a great and successful career all you want, and while I'm not entirely against, there's just far more factors against it than for it.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Partly because the acting is so bad, and the scripts don't require real acting anyway.  The "bridging" sections are merely excuses to get to the sex. That's what porn is about: sex, not acting.

    Although, those porn actresses who are pretending to love everything the porn actors do are often making a pretty good acting effort. After all, porn isn't about what most women REALLY like in bed. It's about what men think is exciting.

    Just so you know: don't rely on porn to understand what to do in the bedroom, because it's not realistic.  If you want to excite a woman, ask her what works for her, what turns her on.

  • Cogito
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    2 months ago

    Because all porn is, is prostitutes who incapable of playing any real roles, following terrible scripts written by pervy directors and having very unrealistic sex to camera.  They aren't acting - they're really having sex.

    I've never heard of any porn performers ever getting into real acting.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Nobody is watching porn for the acting. When someone is engaging in sex showing copulation from every angle that's real

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Ability, Presence, Delivery.

    Porn is many classes.

    European have Plot, story, and action. (The Education of the Baroness)

    American have plot and action, story might be considered. (Deep Throat to Ghosts Can't Do It.)

     much akin to video games.  (ala Donkey Kong)

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