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CDC is saying covid survivors have antibodies and may need only one vaccine. Isn't this problematic, see questions below?

Will everyone be tested for antibodies before getting the vaccine?

I thought we were told a positive antibody test doesn't mean you had covid because the antibodies could be from a virus like the common cold?

Suppose antibodies from covid19 are present and the vaccine overloads the patient's immune system and causes death?

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  • 2 months ago
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    i do not think that the CDC have said that (not in America nor elsewhere).. will everyone be tested for antibodies? not everyone but some for surveillance purposes (to study the overall trend in a community).. the rest are 'no' and a 'no', it does not work that way.. so let's start from beginning..

    the priority for health authorities at the moment is to give more people some immunity against the illness, but it is not absolute immunity (i will explain this one at the end).. we gain our immunity against infections in 3 ways: by recovering from the infection (being COVID-19 survivor).. by vaccination.. and by birth (for new born babies)..

    if you had COVID-19 and managed to survive the illness, there would be antibodies against COVID-19 running in your blood for about 137 days on average (some say 90 days and some say 6 months).. antibodies are proteins that sticks into the surface of the target virus, bacteria or parasite, crippling them and making them easy targets for the immune cells to destroy (they are more like hand-cuffs than bullets or missiles).. and antibodies are very unique, antibodies against the flu virus (influenzae virus) are different from antibodies against the COVID-19 virus (better known as SARS-CoV-2 virus).... .. .. the problem with COVID-19, it can kill people and it can cripple them for months after recovering from COVID-19 (it is called post-acute-COVID-19-syndrome - and the victims call themselves 'COVID-19 Long Haulers').. so getting COVID-19 in order to get the immunity against COVID-19 is ludicrous and potentially deadly.. and i say this because there are anti-vaxxers who would advocate getting the measles to have the immunity against the measles - not realizing that the measles are killing hundreds of children every year world-wide..

    a safer alternative, are vaccines.. a COVID-19 vaccine gives you a small sample of the illness without death and without the long-term complications of COVID-19.. vaccines are like flight-simulators or training grounds that pilots, army and police personnel can safely train for the real thing without putting them in danger..vaccines are simulations of illnesses without the danger of those illnesses (at least in theory).. with COVID-19 vaccines, the antibodies also last around 137 days as well (4 1/2 months) but that's not the whole story.. 

    most people on social media and on mainstream media are so focused on antibodies but antibodies is not the whole story.. i would say that antibodies make upto 30-40% of the story of immunity.. immunology (the study of immune system) takes about a semester in first year medical school.. it is complicated and med students can fail in them.. detecting or having COVID-19 antibodies against this specific coronavirus (better known as SARS-CoV-2), could mean that you are currently having COVID-19, that you have just recovered from COVID-19 recently (within the last 4-5 months), that you have been vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine recently (again 4-5 months), or that you were just born from a mother who had COVID-19 antibodies (and that you are 0 to 6 months old).. `



    antibodies fall all the time.. the flu antibodies fall around the same time (90 days on average), so are antibodies from previous infections and vaccines that you got in the past (polio, measles etc,,).. but antibodies is only part of the story; the next part of the story is cellular immunity.. whenever a vaccine manufacturer announce about their vaccine, they will ALWAYS mention both Humoral (antibody) immunity and Cellular Immunity.. average people would focus on humoral/antibody immunity but doctors and scientists would also focus on the cellular immunity that last much longer than humoral/antibody immunity.. 

    suffice to know that a group of immune cells go into hibernation and they are trained battle-hardened cells ready to fight the next fight (the next infection).. they are like war veterans of the first war who were put in reserve for the next war.. and these cells are the Memory B lymphocytes and  the Memory T lymphocytes, that can last years and even decades.. (the cellular immunity of Polio vaccines are said to last a life-time - except in extreme old age or in an immune-supressed state like getting HIV or being on Chemotherapy for cancer).. `



    the T lymphocytes are like the FBI or the central government that coordinates the response of the entire immune system, while B lymphocytes can grow 10x times its size to become antibody factories (called Plasma Cells) produce antibodies.. having Memory B & Memory T lymphocytes from the first COVID-19 infection or from a COVID-19 vaccine, make the immune response against the next COVID-19 infection more efficient and faster compared to getting COVID-19 for the first time - thus turning few weeks or few days of severe illness into few hours of mild illness (mild COVID-19).. there is more at the end of this answer.. `



    so great.. after recovering from COVID-19 or after receiving COVID-19 vaccine, you have antibody protection for 137 days (4 1/2 months) on average (some say 90 days and some say 6 month).. unfortunately we do not have data of how long the cellular immunity would last; and this is because the pandemic is only 1 year old, but so far anyone who had received a COVID-19 vaccine have cellular immunity to this day even after some had already lost their antibodies against COVID-19..however, based on the SARS epidemic that used to terrorize much of Asia back in 2003 to 2015, the cellular immunity against SARS coronavirus (the original SARS-CoV) lasted around 2-3 years.. and we generally believe that the cellular immunity against COVID-19 coronavirus (better known as SARS-CoV-2) would last about the same time..`




    vaccine overload is simply rubbish (or what the Americans would say garbage!!).. it is simply insulting to whoever studied immunology.. we have never ever encountered a situation where there is a vaccine overload.. again it is insulting!!.. it is like saying that 10 years old children can start a riot and kill all adults - and you insist that all people are idiots for not seeing that truth.. OMG!!.. this is like saying 2+2= 500 to whoever studied basic math.. `



    now a bit of bad news.. being a COVID-19 survivor or being vaccinated against COVID-19 does NOT give you 100% protection against the next COVID-19 infection.. you will still need to wear a mask, observe social distancing, wash your hands frequently and all that jazz.. you should know that few people got COVID-19 after they were vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine (11 in Moderna vaccine trial and 8 under the Pfizer vaccine trial) and at least 3 people worldwide got COVID-19 TWICE within 6 months between 2 infections..

    the way we explain this to people is that when you go to war, you will need to wear/bring a helmet, a bullet-proof vest, a machine gun and a side gun, some eye protection and maybe the use of satellite images, spy-drones and spy-planes.. you will need all that to improve your chances of not getting injured or killed during battle..

    so think of a COVID19 vaccine/immunity as a bullet proof vest, and a mask as a helmet, social distancing as main weapon and washing hands as your side arm.. also think of isolations, quarantine and lockdowns as satellites, spy planes and drones.. you will need ALL that in a war to increase your chances for not getting COVID-19..`

    only when the war has ended and only when there is no danger in sight, we can take off the helmet, put away the weapon and such.. only when less and less people get COVID-19 at any given community, we can put down the mask, bring people to social events and allow free travel all over the world - like we used to.. `

    and all the best

  • 2 months ago

    First no the antibodies are specific to each infection so covid antibodies are to covid not a cold. You don’t overload the immune system that is not how it works.  If you had covid you are implied to have antibodies. This is all early theoreticals right now

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  • 2 months ago

    Antibodies IgG and IgM are covid specific.

    Memory cell changes (b & t cells) are not specific to covid.  The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do not create memory cell changes.

    The antibodies that in the Pfizer and Moderna decrease just like with naturally occurring via covid recovery. 

    If you have recently recovered from covid, why get any vaccine at this point?

    It's easy/cheap to get an antibody test...

    This will allow treatment to continue to improve and more information about the immunity created from the vaccines.

    FYI = the J&J vaccine has antibodies continuing to increase at day 79 (the mRNA vaccines are already decreasing at day 59).  The J&J vaccine might create the memory cell changes also. 

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    you have a link to back this up

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