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Will erasing my old iPhone do the same to the new one?

I have an iPhone 8 currently and I back everything up on iCloud. I bought the iPhone 12 Pro and was wondering if I signed out on my iPhone 8 from my Apple ID and signed in on the 12, can I safely erase everything off this phone (the 8)? 

(Usually when I sign out of my Apple ID there is still content on the phone even if its been backed up). 

I just dont want it to affect my new phone or delete from iCloud.


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  • 3 months ago
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    To delete date from your iPhone 8 without also deleting it from your iCloud account do as follows:-

     1. Fully back up your iPhone 8 to your iCloud account. If you can, for added safety and ease of subsequent steps, back it up by connecting it to your host computer (using Finder or iTunes).2. On your iPhone 8: Settings>General>Reset> Erase All Content and Settings.3. Fully power off your iPhone 8 and then remove the SIM.4. With the power fully off, insert the SIM into your iPhone 12.5. Turn on the iPhone 12. 5a. If you backed up to your host computer then connect the iP12 to your computer using a Lightning cable and when if appears in Finder (or iTunes on PC or on Macs running an old MacOS) click on “iPhone 12”. You can then go straight into restoring the last backup to the iP12.5b. If you backed up only to iCloud then follow the prompts on your iP12 after you turn it on and it will offer the option to restore your iCloud backup.The backup does NOT restore everything. It will not restore anything other than the tiles of any apps which you added: they get re-downloaded from the App Store automatically, and you can click on the tiles to choose which ones get restored first. It will also not reinstall any apps which are incompatible with the iPhone 12 or which are no longer on the App Store.The backup also does NOT store any media which you have ripped or downloaded from any sources other than the iTunes Store. That’s for copyright reasons. So if you no longer own CDs/DVDs you ripped, you no longer have the right to access that content. Also if you have services like Spotify Premium or similar streaming services, any music you have copied to your iP8 will need to be reinstalled by your app. With Spotify it occurs automatically when you have the app running.Bear in mind that your iP12 could end up with a list of huge downloads if your only backup was to iCloud. When I upgraded from an iPhone 8 Plus to an iPhone 12 Pro Max in December that would have been over 200GB so on a slow broadband connection it can take a very long time. If you backed up to your host computer then you will still potentially have a very large download, but as some of it will be uploaded from the hard drive of your host computer the burden is reduced.Once everything has settled, turn your old iP8 back on, and then on any browser or via the Find My app, check to see if your old iP8 is still listed as one of your devices and reporting its location. If it is, click the icon for the iP8 on your device and follow the options to remotely wipe the phone and then to delete it from your Find My app. This last step is usually just a safety check and does not normally result in needing to do anything. But do it anyway because you don’t want an angry buyer if you sell the iP8 and the new owner finds it’s still registered to your Apple ID.

    All that may seem complicated but it’s actually pretty easy: it just doesn’t happen as fast as you might expect. 

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