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Does low fat diet work just as good as low carb/keto?  Which is better ?

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    "Better" in what way?  Weight loss always comes down to a calorie deficit and the absence of insulin in your blood.  

    Our bodies can burn two types of fuel: glucose (sugar from carbs) and kenos (from fats).  When we eat carbs our bodies produce insulin to transport the fuel to our cells. Insulin tells our bodies not to burn stored fat but to use the fuel it has and then store any extra as fat. That is why people on a low-fat diet can still gain weight -- they are eating more calories than their body is using.

    Our bodies will always use alcohol and carbs first.  It will also use fats from foods we eat BEFORE it will go get fat from storage.  As long as we have elevated insulin (and glucose from carbs) in our blood stream, we can burn stored fat.  

    The reason keto diets and intermittent fasting work is because they remove the glucose from carbohydrates which also decreases the production of insulin and allows/forces the body to burn ketones from stored fat as fuel.  

    A low fat diet can work.  The problem is that our bodies actually need essential fatty acids. In addition, most popular low-fat diets are full or grains and other carbs rather than lean protein and vegetables.  Eating 1000 calories of cereal, bread, rice, pasta, etc every day is going to make it nearly impossible for your body to burn stored fat because there will just be too much glucose and insulin in your system.  

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    Which is better depends on you and your lifestyle. Don’t use a generic diet. Get one written especially for you 

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