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Is it wrong to punish someone who you love who hurt you so that he learns not to do it again?

So you can have a happier relationship in the long run?

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    depends on the hurt and the history .. soemtimes a revenge scar can mess with a persons mind .. so just tred carefully but  a leasson can  change a person for the better too

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    That depends on what the punishment is, which you didn't say.  It also depends on the crime being punished, which you also didn't say.

    Example:  Freezing your man out of the bedroom for a few nights because he went out drinking with the boys and missed your dinner date is a reasonable punishment.

    Other Example:  Setting the bedroom on fire while he's sleeping because he left the toilet seat up is not a reasonable punishment.

    See where I'm going with this?  Without any context, you may as well have asked how long is a piece of string.

  • Barry
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    Great idea. Just like training a dog. You have a warped view of relationships. Partnerships based on reciprocal punishment are doomed to fail.

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