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Should I tell her the truth of keep lying to her?

Our relationship didn't even start that I already want to end it (unwillingly). Everything started going down when my mom was killed by a guy who ran her over with his car and didn't even called the ER. Other neighbours saw her but didn't call anyone too. My mom died like that, when I was not there. When they told me, I was shocked and went out of control for some days. When I got his name I hit him so bad that he now is in hospital. I will probably end up to house arrest or in the worst case in jail. My dad had an accident yeears ago and is no longer the way he used to be, sometimes he forgets how to cook. I am scared of what will be of him when I'm not there and my mom isn't there to bw with him. I told my girlfriend that I met my ex again and decided to be with her. It's all a lie to make her stay away from me, so that she won't be hurt when I won't be there. She cried all the time and couldn't believe it. Now I'm wondering if the best solution would be telling her the truth and ask her if she can go to see my dad once in a while to check if he is alright or help him. What do you think? Have I messed up everything? I want so bad to tell her the truth but I am scared to cause her trouble. Even her dad said I was trouble and wasn't exactly happy that her daughter had me as a boyfriend.

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    i would just tell the truth

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    If the above post is accurate, you need to worry more about your legal problems and less about lying to your girlfriend.  I see prison time in your future.  Confessing to your girlfriend in order to convince her to check on your daddy isn't fair to your girlfriend, is it?  The short answer is yes, you "screwed up."  If you're worried about your dad, there are other solutions to your problem.  Home health, assisted living facility, living with relatives are all possibilities.  Don't involve your girlfriend in your mess.

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