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How does a child address their mom’s aunt as? Their aunt as well or something different?

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    Your mother's aunt is your great aunt.

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    that depends on family custom.  "great (or grand) aunt" is a mouthful and new concept for young children, so they frequently imitate form of address their parent uses ... which would likely be "Aunt".  My family is this way ... I'm Uncle in the language of my grand nieces and nephews ... and my great-grand nephew [who is just learning to talk].  -- Grampa  [el viejo]

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    Whatever they are told to.

    The relationship is of great-aunt to great-niece/nephew, so it would be normal if the child were told to call her "Great-Aunt Jenny", but every family has its own quirks and the great-aunt herself may prefer to be called just "Jenny" or whatever.


    WHAT does a child address their aunt AS?

    orHOW does a child address their aunt? [without 'as']

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