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Am I allowed to apply for DACA if I came to the states in 09? ?

I was brought to the states in 09 at the age of 9. 

Went through elementary, middle school and high school. Im confused about the new Daca requirements, am I able to apply yet ? Or does it no apply to me ? 

I’m just trying to get a work permit and have my first step on becoming a citizen 

(I’m an “illegal immigrant”) 


Thank you for all the information. I really appreciate it 

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    The current threshold is that you've lived continuously in the US since June 15, 2007. So you didn't make it in quite in time. But even if you did qualify DACA would grant you a work permit just no "first step" toward legalization. It was only meant to be a place holder because the Obama administration expected Congress to pass a planet amnesty, which didn't happen. So DACA still leaves people in limbo and at the whims of a legislative body that hasn't seemed eager to act on this. Your options at present would be to hope that Congress does something or to marry a US citizen then return home and wait for them to sponsor your legal return to the US. But anything dealing with leaving and returning to the US right now isn't possible owing to COVID-19 restrictions. 

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    You do not qualify for the TEMPORARY permission to remain in the US and DACA is not a step to citizenship and never was set up as that, just a very stupid policy that encouraged illegals to think it might it just allowed them to stay to get educated and then go home so they have a better education and can potentially get a job in their own country

  • 1 month ago

    You do not qualify to apply for DACA - never did qualify as you did not enter US prior to the deadline date. Furthermore, DACA is not & never was any path to legal residency or eventual citizenship in the US. It only delays deportation for up to 2 years. And since the Biden Administration is already eliminating tens of thousands of jobs in the US, there's no point in you trying to get any work permit as there are no jobs for millions of American citizens, and certainly none for lawbreakers.

    You had your chance to make things right. IF you had returned to your own country before you turned 18, you would not have been penalized for your parents' illegal acts. If you qualified, after reestablishing residence in your own country, you could have applied for any visa you qualified for, or had a qualified immediate relative file a petition for your immigration. Now you return to your country, complete your bar to reentry (minimum 10 years now) before you can apply for any visa or have a relative file any petition for your immigration.

  • Lisa A
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    1 month ago

    DACA isn't a step towards becoming a citizen. It is a delay of your deportation for 2 years.Also, you don't qualify. You must be able to prove that you have been in the US since 2007 in order to qualify.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You are illegal and should be deported.  You abused the system and you shouldn't be rewarded for it.

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