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What was Miami like in the 1940s ?

I heard it was a southern city back then like southern Heritage, before it became a northern retirement sanctuary and Cuban sanctuary 

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    You've obviously never been to Miami. Miami is not a "northern retirement sanctuary," nor is it particularly a "Cuban sanctuary." Miami is predominantly Hispanic with, granted, a large Cuban population, but the majority of Miami's Hispanic population is from other countries, from countries throughout South America and Central America, the biggies being Columbia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama, and Chile. Moreover, it has a large Haitian population, located in a neighborhood called Little Haiti, as well as a large African-American population, predominantly located in a part of northwest Miami called Liberty City. 

    The retirees, some go to Boca Raton, which is 45 minutes north of Miami, even north of Fort Lauderdale, so not Miami at all, but the majority of retirees and snowbirds flock to Florida's gulf coast, chiefly Tampa. Miami is NOT where Northerner retirees go. English-speaking WASPs are, in fact, very much a minority in Miami. Throughout most Miami, when you go to Winn-Dixie, Publix, or the Piggly Wiggly, if you're English-speaking only and need some assistance, you've got to hunt around for an employee wearing a button that says, "I speak English!" THAT'S Miami, and Miami is AWESOME!

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