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Please can anyone help?

My son is starting to talk about going off to college , he’s thinking of another state too far to commute. I thought I’d be excited and I am but I’m actually realizing that I have no life! I dint know what I’m going to do ! He has been my life we are very close , we are together daily and I really feel sad, even sort of lost  about him leaving. Is this normal?

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    he has to be on his own at some point he has to spread his wings and grow up

    we have all been there before, is there anyone else younger there at home with you

    you know what helps think about this pets get a pet a cat or a dog

    this helps heel the pain of someone going away it really does help

    i know the fear you have and the tears you did cry , honey you have to let him be happy

    and yes it is normal for them you leave at some point in life but they will all ways come home to see you and before you know it you will have grand kids .

    please under stand he is not doing this to hurt you

    in any way , stay safe and a pet may help things and a in door pet is the best

    thing no need to worry if they in your house . keep us updated


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    This is normal and the perfect opportunity for you to venture outside your comfort zone, both mentally and physically.

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    That is why it is important to marry and have more kids.

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    Empty nest syndrome. Also grief. Kubler Ross five stages of grief. Start connecting with others now. Phone meetings are a beginning. Try CodA.

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    This is normal.

    I am afraid you have to let your son live his own life.  It is your job as a parent to look after him as a child, but now you need to support him to live his own life he wants.  Otherwise all that you did to raise him up will be a waste.

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    Letting him go is a part of caring. It does not stop. 

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    maybe you can move to where he is

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