Are the people in the Sousaphone Research Group correct in supporting Nicola Krankie's proposal for Scotch Referendum for the Scotch people?

And possibly rebuild Adrian's Wall?


The numb t w a t below is wrong on virtually every assumption.

Billy No-Mates

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    To the people that don't know about this particular member.   This is a mentally ill troll that spams idiocy in many different sections all across these boards.  This is also the same person that constantly spams the same type of stupid questions over and over.  This person also posts the idiocy about the aircraft here over and over.  In other sections he posts other things constantly.  In the mental health section, he constantly spams suicide threats and variations of the same pity me rants over and over.   In the cancer section he constantly posts childishly simple minded cancer questions.   In Yahoo answers section he constantly spams math questions and questions asking why his trolls keep being deleted.

    This person has no life at all outside of proving that he is the most mentally retarded person on Yahoo answers.  He is here doing this all day every day.   Since there is no way of getting Yahoo to hold up their end of the TOS. And suspend every account this moron makes feel free to join me in making a game on of it by.  Going to different sections every now and then and spotting one of his alt accounts.    If you want to be able to keep score then post an anonymous answer on one of his questions saying "Gotcha Mr Right" ( one of his main accounts).  Let's give back to him what he has been doing for years to us.

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