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Not voting for impeachment to heal the nation, doesn’t that essentially heal only 46.8% of the nation, what about the other 51.3%?

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    The republicans are going to let him get away with an attempted coup. They have already said that it should all be put aside and moved passed. They have also began to go and seek audience with their leader to kiss his @$$. 

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    Voting to "heal the nation"?

    You mean extreme Vengeance. Petty Democrats need to remove all remnants of their Foe, and greatest Fear.

    Removal of the Name will soon follow.

    The "he who shall not be named" threatened the entire corrupt system of the politicians.

    Not being a part of the Corrupt system, HWSNBN could have ruined many careers, if he gained popularity.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    They’re going to cry anyway. 

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