I need help with this Physics question.. could you please show your steps when you answer?

You kick a soccer ball horizontally from the roof of a building that is 40 m above flat ground. The soccer ball hits the ground a distance of 37 m from the base of the building. 

Assumptions: free fall, up as positive y-direction, away from the building as positive x-direction, and use g=9.80 m/s^2

1. What is the soccer balls speed just before it hits the ground?

2. In what direction is the soccer ball moving just before it hits the ground? 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    time to fall 40 m

      t = √(2h/g) = √(2•40/9.8) = 2.86 s

    vertical speed when hitting ground

      v = gt = 9.8•2.86 = 28 m/s

    horizontal speed = 37 m / 2.86 s = 12.9 m/s

    total speed when hitting ground

      v = √(12.9² + 28²) = 30.8 m/s

      θ = arctan (28/12.9) = 65.3º angle with horizontal

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