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Diagnose me?

I am 42, just got my annual physical, and the doctor said that aside from slightly low potassium and vitamin D and slightly high cholesterol, I'm in good health.  For the past several weeks, I have been waking up in the morning with all kinds of light bruises the size of a quarter to a half dollar on varied parts of my body.  I'm never had anything like this problem before, and my diet, daily routine, etc. hasn't changed at all in years.  What is causing the bruises?

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    Low potassium causes bruising = eat some pumpkin

    Low Vitamin D is NOT COOL!!!  People with adequate levels of vitamin D levels are significantly less likely to get covid and have covid complications if they do have get the illness. 

    - start taking a daily 5000UI of vitamin D3 in coconut oil (the oil aids aborption). 

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    im not a doctor but i would go to the er, also, if you ask this on a real doctor will email you back

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    Have you been taking aspirin recently?  That will do it. 

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    Some blood disorders show up on the skin.

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    Haven't you gone to a hospital to see if those bruises could be something else entirely?

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