The resistors in (Figure 1) are all 1.2 Ω. What is the equivalent resistance between points a and b?

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  • 1 month ago

    1 & 2 in series equal 2.4

    that in parallel with 3 is 2.4•1.2 / (2.4+1.2) = 0.8

    that is series with 4 is 2

    that in parallel with 5 is 2•1.2 / (2+1.2) = 0.75

    that is series with 6 is 1.2+0.75 = 1.95 Ω (ans)

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    1 month ago

    Let's call the resistors across the top A, B, C and then the vertical ones D, E, F.  Obviously A is in series with the rest of the arrangement.  Then you could regard D as parallel to the combo BCEF.  In that combo BCEF, the B is clearly in series with CEF, while the E is parallel to CF.


    OK, so the resistance of CEF is 1.2||2.4 = 0.8.  Put that in series with B, and you get 2 ohms exactly.  Put that in parallel with D and you get

    1.2||2.0 = 0.75 ohms exactly.  Put that in series with A and you get 1.95 ohms exactly.

    So my answer is 1.95 ohms.

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