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Could the non-radical liberals speak out against the radical liberals for being ridiculous in their Attacks On conservatives?

As a non-radical conservative I spoke out against the radical conservatives for their ridiculous and Petty  attacks on liberals. Responsibl liberal and conservative supporters realize that these petty attacks will not bring unity which is what everyone wants


I support my tax money paying for all of the birth control someone needs and women’s healthcare paps mammograms hormone therapy. Pregnancy is unfortunate for rape and incest victims but there needs to be a police report and a hospital report to prove. I am pro life in all cases but can understand a woman or a girl’s wanting an abortion. But these cases are less than.000.01percent of all abortions preformed. The rest are irresponsible and lazy even in the minority communities not reasonable 

Update 2:

I agree, I see very hope of unity.  Both insist that they have the right to attack. Please stop with the ******* insurrection.  It was a a very very very few idiots I’m not even sure that they were Trump supporters and NO different than the ones who committed the horrible crimes over the summer and still are that have destroyed the lives of  white and black business owners who’s businesses were already suffering with the covid restrictions. Oh excuse me you were entitled. 

Update 3:

Being that we have a conservative Supreme Court and only need 1 democrat to oppose stacking the court and there are more and to doing away with the filibuster your chances of getting the feminist abortion law changed is

Pretty much dead as well as the rest of your agenda. Maybe if you weren’t so cocky you might have won some of your agenda 

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    Let's put thing into perspective:

    According to the Progressive SQUAT SQUAD, moderate DEMs are far right radicals.

    FWIW, we've rarely ever been a UNITED States.  Even at the onset of the Revolutionary War only 35% of the colonists wanted to separate from Great Britain.

    DEMs don't want unity...they want submission.

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    Unity is desired, but never at the cost of compromise with insurrectionists. That is what your Republican party has become save about 5 in the Senators. 

  • Jerome
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    Been leading up to this point of no return for like 4 years now.

    Tried everything to bring cons around.  NOW after the damage is done we should have unity.

    I seen this all too often before.

    Watch what happens to the communities in this so call unifying time.....🤔

  • david
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    Anything is possible.  It is even possible that Trumpettes will start using their brain and realize that Trump and many other Republicans have been lying about everything for years.  = = = Possible, but not very probable.

    Everybody wants his version of unity.  Most conservatives define unity as --- everybody else gives up and lets them have their way.  = = = Just waht do you mean by unity? 

    = = = = Honestly. after the Trump radicalization of the right, there can be no unity.  Trump lost the presidency.  Repubs lost the house and senate ===  After teh dictatorial attitude of repubs for the last 6 years it is time for democrats to ignore the whining of republicans and pass every progressive bill possible in the next 2 years. ===  Increase Min Wage, Medicare for all, meaningful/sensible gun control.  Screw republicans.  Birth control as part of healthcare.  Reasonable abortion laws.  ===  Republicans want unity If unity means no birth control and no abortions, and give every crazy a machine gun with a 1000 round magazine.  Hell, why not give all of them an atomic bomb?

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    Not even a single example of something you want someone to speak out against?

  • Anonymous
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    No. Left leaning and centrist liberals will stick together....United.

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