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I know this is petty but how can you get revenge on your husbands new girlfriend without going to jail? ?

My husband and I separated for 2 months and this woman came into his life and is initiating that he Hurry and divorce me while we were taking a break. She won't let him spend the night at his new apartment she and always has to have him around her and her kid. My husband is codependent and lonely so this works for him as well. He was mean to me for the first month they were together but now we are more cordial in coparenting. Idk if they are falling in love but regardless I crave subtle revenge. 

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    Whatever you do for revenge, do it quietly and discreetly in a manner in which it can't be traced back to you. Actually, it's now traceable on your phone or computer that you're seeking revenge so it's already too late. Perhaps it's time to find a new guy which could make him jealous enough to bother her to the point where she dumps him.

  • L
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    1 month ago

    File for a Divorce and move on.  Revenge is an ugly thing.

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    Yes it does seem petty, but evidently you don't have a problem being petty so I'll help you.  There is only one way to get revenge and not go to jail.  That way is called don't get caught.

    If you get caught, you'll have to answer to a judge, and judges don't recognize revenge as an excuse.  So don't get caught.

    And you don't take revenge on the new girlfriend, because she didn't do anything to you.  Did she propose marriage to you?  Did she swear in front of god (or whoever) to be loyal to you forever?  No she didn't.  All she did was start dating a guy who was available to date (separated isn't the same as married, and you know it), which means she did nothing wrong.  You don't take revenge against someone who didn't wrong you, you take revenge against someone who did.  And yes I mean him, in case you were still wondering.  She didn't betray you, he did.

    The odds of getting caught (and the penalties you'll face if caught) depend greatly on the level of revenge you take, which you didn't specify.  Just for example, seducing him while he's together with her and then exposing him as a serial cheater don't carry any legal penalties at all.  For other example, cutting his brake lines or setting his bedroom on fire while he's sleeping carry somewhat stiff legal penalties, in fact they might even qualify as severe.

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    Andrew S, because this is the way women are. Women don't even have real friends..... Just people they can be catty with. Women are brutal. Even the lesbians I know say women are crazy.

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    Your husband's the one who left you. Never forget that. If he had any intention of your separation being a "break" he wouldn't have jumped right into another relationship. So he lied to you but you're extrapolating this as her fault. But given that you still have to coparent with this guy maybe that's the cope you'll need until you can complete the counseling you'll have to do to not screw up your kids' lives. The best way to lose custody of your children is to go psycho on your ex's new partner. 

  • 1 month ago

    The best revenge is to improve your own situation and move on.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    "now we are more cordial in coparenting."

    Not one single person so far has mentioned this.  Are you saying you and him have a child?  If so, what on earth is wrong with you?  No wonder today's kids are such train wrecks.  Instead of focusing on this other idiot, why not worry about how your child is handling all this?  I also have no idea what you mean by him being co-dependent.  Make sure you know what this means, because it refers to someone who is emotionally dependent on the toxic behavior of their spouse/partner/whatever.  Are you trying to say he's clingy?

  • 1 month ago

    Why are women like this?  Cant you just find something you want to do with your life?  Life is short.

  • 1 month ago

    Expose her as a homewrecker.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i wouldnt get revenge, two wrongs dont make it right

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