Why do kind beautiful girls get disrespected but mean beautiful are treated better??

This is simply what I have noticed. Especially in high school.

Why is it that the beautiful girls who are very kind hearted and good people get disrespected more than the mean beautiful girls? Like the nice pretty girl did absolutely nothing wrong to others and they take advantage of her good nature. But the mean pretty girl could be absolutely nasty to people and they’ll still lick the floor that she walked on and she’s more respected. And the absurd thing is that people expect pretty girls to be stuck up, arrogant and full of themselves, yet they complain about her being awful and that they secretly don’t like her .But as soon as a pretty girl doesn’t fulfill this stereotype, others girls get their claws out and attack her mercilessly for no reason.Why does this happen? Has this happened to you or someone that you know?Thank you x

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    humans are social creatures and there is a social heirachy when we encounter weak people the stronger ones dominate them but I am neither I am more like a Hermit I don't want anyone dominating me and I don't care to dominate anyone else, perhaps I was a Grizzly bear in a past life, I don't know

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