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Why haven't I got paid anything since my son's father has been in the military?

He took a DNA test to prove he's the father and he got court ordered to pay child support even BEFORE going into the military. I talked to the court and they said it usually takes 6 weeks to start getting paid but she said it's been longer than 6 weeks. She doesn't even know why he hasn't been paying. She said she might have to get him to come to court to get him to pay.. The thing that bothers me is that shouldn't I automatically be getting paid since he's in the military and they take that stuff seriously? It's been well over 6 weeks and I haven't got ANYTHING. He owes me 2k now. Why haven't I got paid by him and what can I do about it?

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    If there was a court order for child support, the military wouldn't even let him ship to basic without arranging for child support to be taken out of his pay BEFORE he received anything.

    You have been told this FAR too many times to think YOU believe a word of this fiction.

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    You have already been told to contact his military base. So why can't you be bothered?

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    You will need to contact the closest military post JAG (judge advocate generals) office.

    They will be able to tell you who to send copies of your legal documents to.

    They will then garner the wages of the soldier once the paperwork is completed.

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    A good start would be to stop posting this over and over again and INSTEAD read the answers all the OTHER times you've asked.  No one is going to "bring him to Court to get him to pay."  He's in the military, remember?  The Court has the ability to garnish his "salary."  You are aware there's a Covid problem right now, right, and a lot of people are out of work?  But if she/the Court said "she" might have to get him to come to court (and I'd love to know which "she" has the power to do so), then do that and stop asking the same question.  Oh, if you suddenly die, no, your parents don't get automatic custody of the child.  No need to ask that again. 

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