Should I ask him where this is going? ?

So I started talking to this guy on Dec 12. Since then till now we’ve only had one video call that happened last week. He’s been consistently texting me everyday since then but we don’t really text a lot. Some days it’ll be 5 messages and some days more. Couple weeks ago he said we should go on a date and I agreed but he never set a day and time for the date. 

I’m confused because he messages me everyday but I don’t see effort in getting to know me. Like he doesn’t always ask me how my day is or how I’m doing? Or what my likes and dislikes are? etc. Some days I’ll ask how he’s doing or how’s work going on for him? but he won’t reciprocate the question. So when he messages me it’ll either be about my school or we’re talking about a meme or something he cooked. Initially there was a little flirting where he would call me beautiful or send me cute emojis and text me a little more frequently but lately he hasn’t been doing that. I have patiently waited for over a month because he was consistent and genuinely seems like a nice guy. But now I’m just finding him too slow or he’s just unsure about me. Like he says he’s looking for something long term and is not here to play games ... then why take so long to ask me out? 

He says he has a busy schedule and stuff but no ones too busy to not be on their phone for hours in a row. Maybe it’s covid that he doesn’t feel comfortable with a meet up. If that was the case then why ask me out in the first place. What should I do? 

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  • 1 month ago

    If I don't get mental stimulation from my partner, I will not hesitate to inform them

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    U can if u wish cuz it is over a month and he has not even taken u to dinner or anything? good luck dear...u might need someone else.

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