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Squatter came back and blares music all day and night?

Short version is that this squatter occupied a bank-owned house for about 8 months, blaring music all day and night (literally), had no less than 200 police visits before he was removed. He had a history of violence, is on the sex offender registry (surprise surprise), and the police only really ever told him to keep it inside. Of course, as soon as they left he would crank it up again. About three months ago he was forcibly removed after covid restrictions lessened and the bank confirmed the lease was phony.

Well, he's back. Came into the house in the middle of the night and has had the speaker on full volume, facing out into the neighborhood, since last night. Police came once and he lowered it (still audible), but after a bit he turned it up again. As much as I absolutely love calling the non-emergency line so I can actually sleep, are there any actual options? Can't talk to him, as I've said, since he does have violent tendencies. The drug deals are often done before I can get a camera if I'm home at all. Really wish I could leave this place.

So, do I have to call the non-emergency line every night for months again?

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    Sue him for harassment.  Get some cameras, let them record with audio for a bit, and sue him for harassment.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Retain legal counsel.  Legal counsel then sends a letter to the OWNER of the house (probably the bank) and the bank becomes liable for this person's behavior.

  • 1 month ago

    Start calling the bank.  Talk  to a lawyer about taking legal action against them if they don't remove the guy and keep him out.

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