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how do i find a compound complex sentence in my short story ?

 The snow began to fall on my brand new red dress. My feet sank in the deep white snow. I felt the frosty wind blow against my cheeks. The cold made my body slightly shiver. This scene is so entirely typical for this nowhere place in my mind called Evergreen. Things in Evergreen were always the same, every single day. The houses with the bright red hinges, the lawns that were all evenly cut. Even the time of day when the kids rode their bikes. As I stood in the bitter cold snow, all I could think about was how I am also always the same. I wore the annual red dress like everyone else on the first day of school. I have bright blue eyes, and my hair was always the perfect length. I said to myself, “For this is how my life will stay?”(Compound Sentence). I knew the answer to that question. I am the same every day, not the least bit different. If I were different, would I be an outcast? That’s the one thing the government doesn’t want, me or you, to be different. 

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