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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceRenting & Real Estate · 3 months ago

How should my apartment complex handle water damage and can I ask for a discount on my water bill or rent?

So for the third time now a leak from the apartment above me has came down into my apartment. The 1st time it happen the brand new carpet had gotten wet and they had fans in the room drying it out. The second time wasn't to bad.. minor water damage and clean up. But this last time has been awful! Water was running down the walls, my bathroom floor was flooded, water came of my kitchen cabinets.. My apt has not fixed the issue. I have been living here less than 6  months and already had 3 water leaks. They had someone vacuuming out the water upstairs but they just gave me two huge fans and a dehumidifier that is sitting in my kitchen. I am just a college student, I do not know anything about this type of stuff so my question is: Are the fans enough to dry the inside of the walls out? I am worried about mold growing. I also am curious if I can ask for a discount on my electric bill. I pay through the apartment complex and they have handed out discounts before. I just think it is unfair this has happened 3 times now and I have to pay and clean it up every time when I did my part to report it asap every single time. I mean this last time that water was just pouring down the walls. I wish I could get attach the video. What can I tell my apt complex? How should I go about handling this? I greatly appreciate any help or advice!  

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  • L
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    3 months ago

    Dig out your Rental Agreement/Lease and look on the back of the very last page for the name of the Property Owner............write them a letter of complaint.  If the Property Owner's name is not on the paperwork.........go to your nearest court house, assessors office and give them the street address of the apartment complex you live in and they will give you the name and address of the Property Owner....write them a letter of complaint.

    As for your electric bill..........this is in YOUR name only and the landlord has nothing to do with it, therefore, if you don't pay your electric bill - it will be turned off.

  • 3 months ago

    This is probably nothing to do with the utility companies--it sounds as if the landlords or building owners have a serious problem--OR the tenant upstairs does.  

    Once your drywall and walls are so wet, you can be almost CERTAIN you will have mold issues--fans will NOT be enough to dry it out. 

    Call your city or county health department, and then consult a lawyer to sue your building management for this problem--you should not have this issue repeatedly!  You should also NOT be forced to pay for your own cleanup since it is obviously NOT your fault. You should sue the building management for all that cleanup you paid for, all the remediation costs of fixing this issue and a RENT reduction--but not a utility deduction. GET A LAWYER. Have them review this and write a letter to management for all the damages and costs to you to be recouped. Document EVERYTHING. that includes video and pictures of damages.  

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    They are not likely to give you a discount and if they do, you would be required to pay it back, if and when you get money from the upstairs tenant.  That's the person you need to sue.  The landlord is not responsible for an irresponsible tenant who probably left the tub running or the toilet on the fritz.  Calculate your damages and sue or consult a lawyer to do it for you.  Large commercial fans are usually what they use.  I don't know about inside the walls.

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  • G R
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    3 months ago

    First of all since you said you were a student, do you sign the lease or did your parents sign for it?  Who ever signed the lease can and should as for a discount in their electric bill and ask for the rent to be prorated for the days you have to run those fans, but put it in writing.  Look up renters rights for your state and look up right to quiet enjoyment and see what it says.  You are a student and having those fans running.... is disturbing and interfering with your studies and express that you are concerned about mold.  Also make a big deal about this being the third time this has happened.  Finally i would STRONGLY suggest getting renters insurance if you don't already have it, it is like maybe $120 for the entire year, check AAA, to cover your belonging should they get damaged (as the landlord is NOT responsible for your belongings getting damaged) it also covers much more like displacement....

  • 3 months ago

    You pay for what?  You should be paying $0 to repair anything.

  • 3 months ago

    They did not have to give you a discount last time & they do not have to give you one now either. All they are legally required to do is fix the leak & the damage which they are in the process of doing. 

    Yes fans are enough to dry it out. As long as it is dried properly then you should not get mold. There is nothing for you to handle at this point. You are legally required to give them a chance to fix it before you can take any legal action.  You have no legal grounds to do anything unless they fail to fix it. Them not doing as fast as you want is not grounds.

  • 3 months ago

    They stopped the leak quickly and started drying it out almost immediately, so it's unlikely to cause any mold or mildew.

    If there is an increase in your electricity consumption from the fans, ask to be reimbursed for that.

    Notify them that next time this happens, you expect someone else to clean up (or at least help) clean up the mess.

  • 3 months ago

    Water leaks are terrible.  Imagine how bad it must have been for those above you!  Sounds like a burst water pipe rather than an overflow.  You will need to be patient, letting everything dry out slowly is the best way to avoid long term damage.  I had a flood which left a parquet floor looking like a set of ski jumps - six months later all the warped wood returned to normal and the floor was fine. 

    Mould is generally caused by slow persistent leaks rather than by a flood but if the place still smells strange in six months you should ask the complex to test.

    Damage to your personal possessions will be covered by your renter's insurance.  They might cover the extra electric too, ask them.

  • Maxi
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    3 months ago

    'They' have got on and 'fixed' the water leaks, they gave you dehumidifiers  and fans to use to dry out what needed drying out........... unless you have not been able to use the rental to live in, ie was told to move out while the job was done then you owe rent so no one is going to discount rent for you, in so far as electic costs, nothing stops you asking, you will be told no then the only thing you can do is make a claim on your tenant insurance and see if they will pay you

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