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How do I not get scared when seeing a toxic family member?

This one family member likes to belittle me because she feels bad about herself.  I’m different and so it embarrasses her to be around me.  How do I act when I’m around this person? My mother said she’s not as bad as she used to be but I’m still scared of her and yet I don’t want to be bitter or hold a grudge against her because then I’m guilty too.   My mother used to like to nurse grudges and I never liked that characteristic in her that she’s gotten better with age.  

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    Write again and include your age and gender, plus examples of the "belittling" you mentioned. Why does she "scare" you?  Is it her words? or more? Threats?  What is your relationship to her? An aunt? a cousin? etc.? Where is your father in all this and is he supportive? How do you see yourself as "different"? If you supply this information we will be in a better position to advise you.

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