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Have I outgrown my friends? or am I just selfish?

I love my friends and we can talk for hours about life. Yet when it comes to doing things they are not into doing the same things I like. We have never been anywhere but to the club together. Every time I bring up trips they are on board until its time to plan. One of their birthdays are coming up and they said they wanted to go to Atlanta. I offered to find and book a room for the trip. They were all on board but as a sent photos to the group no one responds. I texted the girl individually and she never responded , so I texted her on the side then she finally replied and said she no longer wants it to be a 4 day trip but a overnight trip because she wants to come back home and we go out to local clubs . I like to do things rather than club . I am 25 about to be 26 and so are they. I am joining a fitness boot camp and sent it to the because we always talk about working out and they copped out . I sent them a cocktail class they copped out of that. I'm beginning to think I need new friends or am I being selfish?

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    It is unlikely that you need to cut them off as friends OR that you are being "selfish". The fact is that the majority of people in your age group don't really have the time or money to spend on 3-4 day outing adventures with their friends if they are also hoping to visit family and have romances. Prioritizing girlfriends over all else begins to pale. And there is nothing wrong with that. Strong friendships can continue without holidaying together. You might need to meet more people.. that doesn't mean the friends you have are not good friends though. But you might need to meet people who have the drive and money  to do the things you want to do. That doesn't mean the friends you have who want shorter adventures are not real friends. I'm not a "joiner". At all. Yet I have managed to keep several friends for decades because I don't demand too much from them and they don't demand too much from me and yet (they don't know each other) I know and they know we are strong lifelong friends. 

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    You are just one of those generally unlikable people. No offense.

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