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How can I get my toddler to sleep through the night?

My one year old (almost 2) will not sleep much at all at night!! She’s still up every couple of hours like a newborn. She wants at least two cups of milk at night. I’ve tried cutting that out but she just won’t sleep at all without it. I’ve also tried the Zarbee’s room spray that’s supposed to help them sleep, it does nothing! I try to get her full at dinner time which is about 3 hours before she goes to bed. It doesn’t help. She has short naps of the day at noon. She sleeps with my husband and I, she refuses to sleep by herself anywhere. I mean I have tried everything. Nothing helps!  Any suggestions?? 

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    You have to get her into her own crib. Why would she sleep if she has you and your husband to play with all night? Get her into a crib, preferably in her own room, establish a bedtime routine such as supper, a little play after, a warm bath and then a snuggle, put her in her crib and then shut out the light. She doesn't need a night light, she doesn't need you to check on her every 10 minutes, she will pitch a walloping fit but then she will learn that bedtime is bedtime and she will sleep. The more times you cater to her crying, the more she won't sleep at all. You are feeding into what she wants and she is not learning how to sleep on her own or how to self-soothe on her own. You are still good parents if she cries, and you will be doing her a favor by having her sleep by herself. 

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    How can you prevent your toddler from waking up in the middle of the night?

    Make sure your toddler is getting the right amount of sleep overall. ...

    Get gung-ho about the bedtime routine. ...

    Keep her comfy. ...

    Try adding a white noise machine. ...

    Offer a lovey. ...

    Steer clear of the scaries. ...

    Keep an eye on screen time.

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    STOP all naps...............then she'll sleep through the night.  I raised 3 kids and their father and I always 'playful wrestled' with them before they went to would tire them out and they slept all night............I also stopped all naps.

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    A little nyquil, or something like it.   ZZZquil i think it’s called any kind of night time medicine for kids.  It should make her drowsy.  Not enough to knock her out, just enough to make her sleepy.  I do something similar for my wife when she’s sick and can’t sleep.  Kind of like giving you kid tylenol before going to the doctor to get needles...they won’t feel it much if they take tylenol.  Same concept.  She doesn’t have to be sick to take it.

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    Is she getting outside time in the afternoon after her nap?    Physically tired people sleep.

    Quit letting her have milk during the night.   If she's thirsty, she can have water.   You can keep a cup by her bed (presuming she's not in a crib anymore).

    What do you mean she "refuses" to sleep alone? your kid throws a fit if she doesn't get milk or can't sleep with you.   So what?   Better to have a week or two of screaming fits and teach your kid she can't manipulate you with tantrums than to let her walk all over you for the rest of your life.

    I suggest you take a Parent Effectiveness Training class because you're the problem here.

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    She HAS to get used to sleeping by herself asap, or it will continue to be a problem. Maybe a bed/cot in your room to start with. Keep her awake more during the day.

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