Does the US give army generals the legal right to shoot someone if they decide to leave mid mission?

If someone, out of fear or hopeless, decides to go against the mission and retreat, does the army general have the legal right to shoot him?

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    There is simple desertion where you just leave your state side duty station.   There is desertion in face of deployment which is bad.   There is desertion while deployed which is really bad.   And the worst is desertion while under fire which can get you shot as you run.    For all of them,  you get a court martial and kicked out.   The worse the situation the more likely you  get prison time.  

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    no.  such a person can be charged with desertion in the face of the enemy ... that's 20 to life in Leavenworth prison -- the last such executions occurred during World War II and then only after a general court martial.

  • TB12
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    No. The penalty for desertion, during war, is death,, but only after a court martial and only during wartime, during peacetime the penalty is imprisonment.

    Also the fact that generals are rarely on the battlefield during combat would greatly reduce the chance of a general officer witnessing the desertion.

    Plus the definition of desertion as opposed to AWOL, the general would have to prove in court that the soldier was in fact deserting and not in a legitimate retreat nor disobeying what could be considered an unlawful order to begin with.

    And no American soldier has been executed for desertion since WW II.

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    1 month ago

    The Military Coder of Justice addresses such situations. In WWII only one soldier was shot for that occurrence. It does take a court martial and a guilty verdict.

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    1 month ago

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