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What happened to Charlatans who pretended be Jesus in the first century?

What happened to those in the first Century in Human History who claimed to be the Messiah?

Have wondered for a long time what would be expected of false Messiahs. 

If anyone now were to claim to be Jesus what would the people expect of such individuals during this time when Covid is all around the world. 


Is there any historical evidence by Josephus the first century historian to collaborate this question and help with an answer?

Update 2:

Thank you Annasan for your answer it was very good.  

Was just wondering if someone claimed to be Jesus if the people would expect a few miracles of them to prove it. 

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    Jesus the Messiah warned His followers to watch out for pretenders and for people trying to get them to follow them to see a messiah they had 'discovered'. The Apostles wrote to Christians in the 1st century not to let those deceivers into the congregation for they would be wolves in sheep's clothing. Those deceivers would claim to do miracles and to have words of prophesy and get a following after them, only to die as all men die, their prophecies turning out to be false.

    Anyone now claiming to be Jesus the Messiah would be a usurper. Jewish people would look for the throne of David being re-established and the temple with animal sacrifices restored. But the world in general would have no interest such a person. Christians know that as we near the time for Christ to appear in the sky, more and more plagues will be poured out from Heaven. We do not look for miracles re. Covid. We know that "Judgment begins with the house of God" and then the world.

    I don’t know about Josephus but the NT speaks of false messiahs in Mat. 24:5&24, Mark 13:4-6 & 14:63-64 and Luke 17:23-24. No Christians were to attack them, just to expose them as false and steer clear of them

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    They had their small groups of followers and then, most passed anonymously, into history. Odds are good that the next false Messiah will be the Anti-Christ, who will deceive the whole world; Perhaps, with the aid of Covid and the false, Covid belief system that has so recently sprung up.

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    If they did good deeds, nothing should have happened.  Otherwise, fanatics would kill the charlatans.

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    They died.

    (true story)

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