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Was he jealous? ?

I have been in a situationship with a guy for almost 2 years.  We agreed we weren't serious a few months in- we still went places together though.  We would sleep together every now and then but due to him living with his sisters family  and me living in my place of work privacy was scarce.  We would use a hotel for a few hours or do it in his car. We would speak every couple of days and meet once a week (mostly for coffee)  anyways,  I mentioned that I have been meeting another guy for coffee and he said we couldn't have sex anymore.. We have kissed a few times since but he won't sleep with me.  I know he saw other girls (I used to look at his phone and he was at least messaging even in his language)  so whats the issue?  He was already cold beforehand (emotionally)  but now he's colder and always cancels our coffee plans rescheduling a few times meeting but briefly.  My friemd suggested he coukd be jealous as we have been in this situationship a couple of years. Has he maybe caught feelings?  He says he just wants me to live my life. 

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    You sound tragically sad and pathetic.... and ridiculous. You are living like a tom cat on the street, just LOOK at yourself. ''caught feelings'' is the most laughable part of this sordid tale of someone who is clearly desperate. He isn't jealous, sweetie, he's disgusted. Get some dignity, for Gods sake.

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    1 month ago

    Won't even make a short tv show since it's so unbelievable and trivial.

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