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Autism and fame?


There was an autistic boy that won the 'America's Got Talent' show called Kodi Lee. Click on the link to see the YouTube video of Kodi Lee performing on the show...

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Some similar cases like this occured on these 'Talent shows' as well.

Well, I know of an autistic person that really really wants to be famous, and well known.... He tried to do things through many methods to get fame; like make art and music, or by doing singing; but it wasn't very successful unfortunately. He got very depressed.

He then decided to start a YouTube channel all about his autism, so that he can educate other people about what it is like to be autistic.

He did this, so that he can pursue being famous. Now he is getting masses of likes and subscriptions like you have never seen, thousands and thousands and thousands.

Unfortunately some very nasty people really criticized him, saying that he should not be using his autism *just* to get famous; and that he should be doing this *only* to help educate people (which he does want to do as well, but that isn't his main objective). These people claim that this was underhanded, crafty, deceitful etc; *as a result* of him using his autism just to make him famous.

But he *only* tells the truth about his autism on YouTube, and doesn't lie or distort the truth; so I don't see how he is being deceitful or crafty etc. Therefore it is morally legitimate to me. 


Other people disagree with these nasty people. They say that he should have an opportunity to get fame regardless of using his own autism to do so; saying that he is not harming anyone, and that he is helping so many people by teaching them about autism; and that if anything, he has earned the fame and should be proud. He worked so hard for this! It makes no difference what he used to get fame, so long as it is not abusive etc.

Update 2:

He is not commiting a crime; in fact if he never mentioned about it, people would be oblivious to his intensions completely, and it would adversely affect no-one. Therefore why would it be immoral, when morality is all about how we treat other people?

Update 3:

Now the autistic person was very very upset by these people criticizing him. The autistic person was saying that Kodi Lee got well known and famous, and Kodi Lee does not refuse to be famous or rich, just because he knows that his autism is getting people's attention in the same ways respectively.

Update 4:

Also these nasty people saying this to him too much, wouldn't that be considered harrasment or bullying? He has a right to make what ever YouTube vidoes he pleases, so long as they are not abusive etc! He is following YouTube rules.

Update 5:

Tell me what you think of this apparently controversial issue.

Is he wrong or right for doing this fame attempt on YouTube?

Or am I over-reacting and over-thinking this? Should I just ignore these nasty people?

Please give an explanation for what side you take?


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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Ken, you’ve posted this over and over and over again. I strongly suspect YOU are the autistic person who started a You Tube channel to advertise his autism. This isn’t about a friend of yours. If this IS about your friend, why are you so involved in his life?

    Here’s the difference. Kodi Lee (and I’m pretty sure he would prefer not to have his identity linked to your identify) has TALENT. He isn’t trying to educate the world. I don’t know that Kodi Lee “know that his autism is getting people’s attention in the same ways respectively.” He’s a talented entertainer. He is NOT making a political statement.

    No, if you post on line you need thicker skin than you apparently have. It is NOT harassment or bullying to respond to someone’s You Tube any way you WANT to respond to that person’s You Tube. I, for example, see all of your questions on this same topic. That makes me question what you can teach anyone about anything on You Tube or anywhere else. And, once again, don’t you have parents who are aware of what you post and how easily you can be identified?

    I think you are overreacting AND pretending this isn’t about you is actually lying.  

  • 4 weeks ago

    Absolutely incredible, he is severely autistic, but he has a beautiful heart and it came across for everyone in the audience. It was just amazingly Wow! I am glad he got the golden buzzer for those who love him and the mother. He may or may not appreciate it, but I think he feels it. 

  • Cogito
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Wanting to be famous - well-known - is a shallow dream for superficial people.  Being autistic, he may not really understand what I mean by that, but being famous doesn't really mean anything.  It achieves nothing in the great scheme of things.

    Almost all intelligent people avoid fame as far as is possible.

    It only means that someone is desperate for attention and approval from others.

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