How to write a Blog?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    You have to write a blog on any topic. Do a small research and find out any relevant topic. Prepare a blog write up. You have to write minimum 1000 words.

    Blog on food

    The food is something that always help to connect different people of different caste, religion etc together. Everybody wants to eat and encounter new culinary experiences.Food blog help various chef, homemaker to spread ther taste to the people who are foodie. This is a platform through which various special dishes got famous and people get to know about different and new culinary. Sharing a formula lets you share a piece of yourself. Plans can be utilized to grandstand your way of life, recount to an enjoyment story, remember affectionate recollections, thus significantly more. You can share your affection for cooking and associate with other similar people who are on the consistent post for the following incredible Recipie.

    It is possible to earn income from your food blog and people are earning by writing blog.They earn money by exploring market and write about the speciality of that certain place. Many company or restaurant used to pay money to a blogger. This is the marketing technique to expand there product and making people aware about it.

    Blogging help to connect people of different places together. If a person is living at one place then he easily get to know about the best food of other country or city by visting different blogs. Design plays various important role in a blog, basically a good design always attract more viewer to your blog. i always used to attend all the social gathering which is regarding the food. A recent event was done by Hotel Marriot that is "cake festival" in this event various chef from various country participated and they baked there best cake. We will update you for the event which is going to held Day after tomorrow and that is the biggest food festival in which various people are coming from various country and they will cook their local food and we will taste that food. I am very excited to be a part of that event. Kindly stay tuned.

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