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Why is there restriction on monetization?

YouTube is the most annoying service I have ever used!!!

They have no way to contact them, they make everything needlessly complex, they excessively monitor everything we do; I got so frustrated with the problems trying to manage my YouTube channel, that I smashed several things in my house, due to frustration.

I am most baffled by this problem below...

Why is there restrictions on monetization?

You have to have 1,000 viewers in a year to be monetized.

You have to have 4,000 hours watch time to be monetized.

Why can't we just monetize with 0 viewers and 0 hours watch time?

YouTube charges for all or some of the transactions that occur.  For instance a super-chat, that you send; YouTube will be paid about 20% or so for it.

So not only do restrictions put us off of creating content for viewers, but it also means that YouTube loses revenue (partly because of putting people off of creating).  Viewers also miss out on content.

Someone explain it to me, I am baffled senseless!


@Anonymous - What is your major attitude problem?

You don't obviously like people that try to do the right things morally do you?

As YouTube restricting things to prevent people posting the same thing over and over; I doubt that they give a ****.

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    How odd that all of your other questions are about your FRIEND'S You Tube.  Suddenly your FRIEND has turned into you.  There are restrictions because You Tube is trying to prevent the same person from posting the same thing over and over - much like you post the same thing over and over on Yahoo.

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