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What's a good flat bed sewing machine for leather?

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    Because you asked on technical terms I assume this is either a professional or semi professional setting.  Let's start with what's worst: your grandma's vintage Singer, your auntie's old Pfaff or any machine made for home sewing. These are too slow and not strong enough for leather. 

    Most professional acquaintances reccomend industrial machines for leather. These are made for speed and needle penetration and most have walking feet or compound feed. Many are switching to direct drive motors for additional speed and power. 

    Juki has a reputation for quality and performance in industrial applications. There walking foot machines handle leather with ease. A walking foot has feed dogs in the foot that move at the same time as the feed dogs in the bed. There's no slipping or uneven feeding. Juki's website has information about all their current machines and technical specs for each. There's also you tube videos showing each in operation.  Buy from an industrial machine dealer. They will sometimes have used machines available at a discount.

    If you have a smaller budget there are many juki like knockoffs out there. Here's one that I've seen in upholstery shops and it's a solid walking foot machine. The bobbin is huge and it sews well.

    A guy I know who makes motorcycle Gear and S&M bondage stuff recently bought three new machines, a post bed, a cylinder, and this monster: You can program in bar tacks, back stitches, square ends, auto foot lift and auto thread cut. (My newest dressmaking machine has auto lift and auto cut and I don know how I lived without it.) His income has gone from six figures to seven figures and his order fulfillment rate has reduced from six weeks to three because if his high speed machines.

    Buy from an industrial dealer. Ask about servicing and get the technical service manuals. I can take apart and put together my industrial machines -a lifesaver when the virus shut down my repair place. 

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