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BMW 328i wont start unless i jump start it but then when i turn off the engine it doesnt start again?

Hello there! i have a bmw 328i, it was having a hard time starting, it was misfiring, idling, and eventually started stalling. i went to the dealership and have my spark plugs changed but it seems like it got worse. they diagnosed it and said it was the Fuel Injector. but then for some reason i had a problem with my warranty and the bank so the dealership wont fix it unless i fixed the problem with warranty but anyways.. my car was seating at the dealership for 3 months and it seems like the bank wont do anything to fix it any time soon so i gave up because i didn't wanna pay for any more storage fee and took it home. but then my car wasnt starting ( it was push to start button and nothing happens when i press on it ) so i had to jump start it, it was rough idling but i know why its because of the fuel injector.. i did put some temporary booster to at least help it run but it wasn't helping at all. i drove it at home and i left my car running for about 1 hour to see how it goes. and as soon as i turned off the car, it wouldnt start again at all. unless i jump start it. so im wondering if its because of the fuel injector or is it because of the battery now as well? sorry for the long post i just really need help thank you!!

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    2 weeks ago

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    4 weeks ago

    Had you said year of car that would have helped. But you didn't so suggesting it is the battery may mean a waste of money for you as you can buy a battery for your car at WalMart.  Dealer should know what is wrong with your car.  Then again most average repair shops can figure it out too.  Seems like you need to find a decent mechanic.  I would NEVER leave my car anywhere for 3 months.   The kid down the street can fix the car well enough to steal it. So maybe he will be my mechanic.  Blaming a fuel injector is like saying "Carburetor".  I don't buy that schit.  My car did 1M miles on the same fuel injectors since I got the car with 385K miles.  Not a problem at all. German but not BMW so a lesser make. It lasted.

    . You need a battery or an alternator because you burnt out the other alternator with improper jump starting it.  Only takes a microsecond and that is $600 for another alternator.  They at the shop have to check the output of the alternator with a meter.

    Why you have not cleared up the situation with the bank is beyond me.  Only you know the reason for that.  A battery lasts about 7 years and then you need a new one.  That may be all it is and the shop wants to stiff you for more cash...for B.S. repairs.

    I don't know. I am just suggesting somebody is lying.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Battery is dead.  Get the battery charged and load tested.  Replace battery if it fails the load test.  Good luck.

  • 4 weeks ago

    It's not a fuel injector problem if it starts when you jump it. When you take the jumper cables off the battery is so dead that the motor can't run. Go to an auto parts store and get the battery and charging system tested for free.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Does the starter turn the engine over normally or does the starter not turn it over? If the later is true, then you need a new battery. I would replace the battery if needed and get some fuel injection cleaner and put it in the gas (full tank) and drive it around numerous times until the tank is almost used up and see how it runs. Go from there.

    Why would the bank fix your car? Those crappy warranties probably don't cover fuel injectors........but read your contract.

  • 4 weeks ago

    The problem is indeed most likely to be in the power system. If the starter turns over fine it may be bad connectins from there from corrosion to a faulty alternator.

    But like my father in law used to say, "The biggest mistake people make is spending $400 on a part when all they need is a two dollar switch."

    He meant check the connections and all the little stuff first to trace the problem back to the expensive part. Thise of us who are so inclined don't need a lot of mechanical experience to check connections for tightness or clean them of corrosion, etc.

    Ultimarely, if you do all that, maybe you will find out the alternator or something else is the culprit.

    Many if not most repair shops will do essentially the same but even if it is only a faulty connection replace the $400 part along the way for the extra profit, and a lot of people never bother to confirm that the part was indeed faulty.

  • CB
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I agree, replace the battery and try again. While you are at the car parts store have them read the OBDII codes and write them down. 

  • Barry
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    1 month ago

    Sounds more like a faulty battery. If it runs for an hour or so then the alternator is providing the electrical power. To restart the battery is called upon and if it's dead it's no go. A jump start proves the starter is fine. So have the battery tested. Many stores will do it for free.

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