How come my VPN doesn't work on YouTube?

Already got a VPN myself. It works just fine on all other sites and platforms, such as Tubitv, Popcornflix, or some other site. All, except YT! Each time I try watching something that I really like on YT, which is unavailable in my home country, even if I'm from the EU myself, I get that annoying message saying this video is not available in your country, or the copyright owner has blocked it in your country. But, I'm using a VPN to hide my actual location, so this should never even happen!!! Not only on YT itself, but also on all the video downloaders as well, such as Videoder, or TubeMate. What's the point of having a VPN, if it can't bypass a simple YT region restriction?!? Right now, I'm using the ExpressVPN, but I'm not very satisfied. Should I change my VPN? Got any good advice, or some suggestions for me? Any help will do. Thanks.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Youtube is GOOGLE. They are a bit fussy about knowing the IP address of viewers; Your VPN has to have an IP address, which of course is not your real address, but it may well be in a blocked region. Also most VPNs send a lot of traffic through through one IP address, and that may trigger a google block.

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