How many classes would I need to take?

I am planning to attend school and I am majoring in statistics. I already took all of my general ed courses at community college. How many classes would I need to complete the Statistics BA degree?

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    depends on the university you attend and which of your CC credits they accept and what their detailed requirements are for a BA in statistics.  Since you're detail oriented by nature, I'm sure you can find this out, at least for estimating purposes, from the detailed online catalogue and program requirements of your target university.  Hint:  it will not be less than 2 years of full time study -- but may well be more.  [we have no idea what "all of my general ed courses" means at your CC].

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    Associate's degree requirements are typically 60 credit hours; bachelor's degree is typically 120-128 credit hours. Depending on how many credits are accepted for transfer to your 4-year university, you should expect to need another 60 credit hours or more to earn your bachelor's - about 2 more years.

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    1 month ago

    It depends. Usually you would be at the university for two more years. Another 60 credits. It will depend in how many credits and classes transfer over. And if you need to take any specific prerequisite classes for your major.

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    It really depends on the degree requirements of the 4-year college or university to which you transfer, on whether all of your general education classes will transfer, and on whether the college or university has additional general education courses that you have not yet met.  

    Many schools have arrangements with community colleges that allow students to complete their first 2 years at the community college and then only 2 more years at the 4-year college or university; if that's the case with your schools, then you should expect about 2 more years.  But this can vary by major and other factors. 

    My university offers a bachelor's degree in statistics and it is pretty intense.  After the general ed requirements, those students must complete 23 hours of required math courses, 3 hours of required computer science courses, and 12 hours of required statistics courses.  THEN, they must complete an additional 9 hours of elective statistics and 27 hours of math or statistics electives.  That is more than 2 years of coursework.  

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    I don't think there is such a thing as a "statistics BA degree".  If you want to know what classes are required for a particular degree, go to the college website, look up the degree, and view the plan.

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