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Anyone else really disappointed with season 5 of boardwalk empire?

It was so rushed and all over the place.

It got a little redundant killing off almost every character as well without any build up.

I also think they should have dropped all the flashback sequences to maybe just 1, and made it brief.

They left season 4 with so many unanswered questions, and jumped ahead 5 years.

The ending should have been more like Sopranos agree?

Or had nucky pull through?

I won't give spoilers, but they screwed that show up.

Season 4 focused too much on that ugly singer Mr White was having an affair with, and that Libian guy's rhetoric. 

Season 5 could have focused on Rothstein instead of flashbacks.

Even in season 4.

I was disappointed nicky blackout out of the stand off. I felt that was out of character. His character went soft in season 5.

It made no sense.

Updated 2 days ago:

Sorry auto corect.

*backed out of the standoff.

Updated 2 days ago:

That made no sense he backed oit of the stand off when two guys just got shot. He had equal number of men behind him.

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