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I love a married man but I have a bf...?

Me and the married man ended our relationship since October... But he has come back and he told me the he is much older and that I am just using my bf to get over him... He told me that things were not going to work out with my bf... He said that my bf just wants sex with me. Later he sent me a text message saying "you are mine and only mine period" 

He keeps insisting that we get back together because he has always cared for me supported me and has been through thick and thin with me but he is mot divorcing for personal reasons. He said that I like to destroy myself because he said that if I am happy with him why move on with someone else.

The reason is that there is no potential future with the married man and I need to move on even if I will not have the same feelings I did with him with somebody else. My life has to go on... 

However, he does not seem to understand that and now he has got my mind thinking about him all the time... I love my bf but I love the married man like no other... Idk what to do...

Obviously my bf does not know about this I am very upset about it myself idk what to do. 

Please help! 


In the first part I mean that he said he is much older so he knows me and my bf will not work out because he has more experience and that my bf only wants me for sex 

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    I've known women in your shoes. A married person can slip up in a weak moment but someone who is married, has an affair but won't divorce is the one who is doing the using.

    Anyway, how could you ever really trust someone who betrays their spouse in a a marriage? What is the probability that they will do it again-and this time to you?

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    It's the married man who just wants sex. He doesn't love you, he's just using you. And you let him. You're a victim. Or, you're a troll. Either way.

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    very good I love a married man but I have a bf.

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