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Why haven't extraterrestrials responded to humanity when humanity has been beaming messages and signals out into space ?

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  • They hate Robocalls as much as we do.

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    4 weeks ago

    Could it be because they are non existent? But what does exit is our own space around us and the freedom we have to make a difference in help the ones less fortunate than we are. Because after all were we not put on that earth for just that purpose?

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    Lots of assumptions here: aliens have the same, or similar, technology as we do; the signals have travelled sufficient distance to be picked up by aliens; the type of communication used by aliens is vastly different from ours making a connection difficult even if a "signal" is received; a more advanced society may have received the messages but have deemed contact inadvisable at this point; and a host of other possibilities. 

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    Why would they respond to us?

    Just look at the human race.

    Dysfunctional, aggressive, primitive in our belief systems and mostly with a very limited intellect.

    We are like the "neighbours from hell" to them.

    They probably take one quick look and then say, " not here darling, we'll go upmarket somewhere out of this awful galaxy".

    Well  I would if I had a choice.

    Source(s): Met an alien once. He came from the Mississippi swamplands and spoke a strange dialect that sounded like garbled English, with a bit of French thrown in as well. Not a nice creature but he was wearing an earthman's hat. A baseball cap I think.
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  • Tom
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    There s no guarantee The ETs invented or have RADIO.  Remember their HISTORY would be entirely different.   Some might be behind us technologically and others might have a better technology than radio.    Even an advanced technology might not think of radio as a communications medium---Supposed they developed something like an energy system or AG drive FIRST--- that produced so much static radio would have been useless anyway when it was later discovered?---Lots of variables here.

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    Had Marconi sent the first radio signal to space in 1901, that signal would just now be reaching the center of the milky way.

    It would also be very weak.

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    take a trip on you tube from the sun to jupiter at light speed,about 20 minutes,jupiter is by cosmic standards turtle slow,signals and light to us of from us,travel for a loooooonnnnnng time, to reach planets in systems we think there might be human like life,,we are froggies who jumped hundred of miles over hundreds of years from puddle to river across jungles, and finally get to the pacific shore,,oceans everywhere,thousands of miles of nothing but  miles and miles of water ten thousand froggies deep

  • david
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    1 month ago

    Do you REALLY need to ask? Space is a big place, with lots of radio signals zooming around. 

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    I saw the movie "Passengers", starring Chris Pratt and Jenifer Lawrence. Chris Pratt sent a message back to Earth about his dilemma, and he was told that he could expect to receive a reply in 55 years. 

    Our Radio broadcasts consist of a sphere of radio waves that is ~120 light years in radius, expanding at the speed of light. Therefore we can only expect a response today from someone who is no more than 60 light years away from us. That really is a tiny, tiny fraction of the stars in our galaxy. But maybe in 1-2 thousand years from now, maybe we will receive a response. I'll be waiting. 

  • 1 month ago

    Most signals from this planet would not be detectable even from Proxima Centauri.

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