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Do you feel sad for these people too?

I feel tremendous pity for people who try very hard or put a lot of attention and detailed calculation into something and than fail

I remember as a 7 year old the zoo my cousins family had a membership in would throw out adds of vacations you could take with them to view exotic animals in places like Africa or Asia

For $5000 - $8000 you could go on a jungle safari

I think it’s terribly sad that they put all this effort into building up their reputation as a diverse source of entertainment only to fall flat on their face because of CoVid 

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    Everybody feels miserable in some cases, much the same as everybody can feel euphoric, furious, pleased and a lot of different feelings. At the end of the day, everybody has sentiments, and those inclination are continually evolving.

    In some cases we feel upbeat, (for example, when we're having some good times) and at times we feel miserable, (for example, when we lose a friend or family member). Whatever the inclination, it is genuine and part of living.

    A negative feeling may even assistance you. Our reality centers around joy and treats misery as a pointless or futile inclination. Yet, bitterness can back you off, and make you truly consider your life, your emotions and the individuals around you. It can help you keep sight of your connections and dreams.

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