Can Hong Kong students work in Canada after getting a bachelor's degree in the USA?

Hi everyone

Can I apply for MBA in Canada after getting a Bachelor's degree in the USA or do I have to work to gain experience first? 

I'm a Hong Kong international student who is in the process of getting my bachelor's degree really soon in the USA. My next goals are to get an MBA in Canada and to work in Canada. However, I have no working experience yet, so would it be possible for me to apply for an MBA in Canada? 

And if I have to gain experience before I can apply for the MBA, can I do that in Canada, even though, I did not get my bachelor's from there? 

Please help me out, thank you so much. 

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    The USA, and Canada are totally different countries.

    To work in Canada, you would need to meet all of the Canadian immigration requirements.  An MBA would not necessarily do that.  You can certainly get an MBA in Canada, something you do not need work experience to get.

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    1 month ago

    Could you get a Canadian work visa supplied by a Canadian employer? Unlikely with a basic visas are generally only given to people who work in fields in short supply and a new unproved graduate with a basic degree is not in short supply

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