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was giving my friend an ultimatum the right choice? ?

my friend never went to counseling for the death of her mother when she was young. her father said he was giving up on her and her two younger sisters and left her to be a mother figure to her sisters. she was trying to keep up with her sisters and her own school life. I showed up in her life at 4th grade when her mom died, and I tried my best to help her along the way to deal with simple things that no child should deal with alone. now years later we are 20 years of age and she is in what is turning into a toxic relationship and struggles with anxiety and her emotions and lashing out at people and becoming unraveled. after the first time suggesting counseling she said no it's not a priority and then her life would cause problems like her boyfriend making her cry and her sisters giving her **** and she lets it all happen or she calls it a misunderstanding and it happens all over again. I want to go on a trip with her and another friend plus a cousin. we would be staying with some of my family. she just came from a trip with our other friend that went south after her boyfriend made her feel guilty for going and then she blamed our friend for making her go when they had planed this for a month. now on our trip I said that would not be welcomed into my families home so I said please get some counseling to help deal with the effects of your mothers death and your anxiety, from there we'll see if you should come on this trip with us after getting some help. is that controlling? 

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    No, it’s not controlling at all.  It was the smart thing to do.  

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