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I have an N64, what do I need to save games on the controller?

Is it the rumble pack or the memory pack?

I know one thing vibrated, is that the rumble pack? If so, does it save games?

My Turok, NFL, Wreatling, and gauntlet etc says it needs to detect something in the controller. Theres a slot for it, but online it looks like I can buy an expansion memory card or rumble pack. Does it matte? Or do I need both? 

Its almost 20 dollars used for the rumble pack. Is that a scam or money grab? Thanks.


Ok my n64 has some red chip memory thing in it, but gauntlet wont let me save with just the controller. It's a temporary save.

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    the rumble pack gives your controller the ability to vibrate.

    the CONTROLLER pack is the thing your looking for. it's something that plugs into the controller that saves the data. it's usually gray.

    the thing you're talking about is the EXPANSION pack. it's meant to increase the RAM the system has from 4 megabytes of RAM to 8 megabytes. some games such as DK64 and TLOZ MM and perfect dark.

    a large handful of games are enhanced by said pack but only 4 games require it.

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    ohh yeah..i remember that now.  had to have memory cards for n64 and gamecube..but more on gamecube

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    Cruis'n USA, Gauntlet Legends & The New Tetris (for example, there's more games) do utilize the Controller Memory pack for save support, but NOT required to save your progress as the game pack has some storage space.

    Turok is one of the few games that REQUIRE the Controller Memory pack to save your progress & doesn't include any storage space on the game pack.

    In BOTH cases, the memory pack allows you to take your save files with your controller to use at a friend's house (who has the game).

    Some games like Gauntlet Legends ALSO support the rumble pack, so you'll be swapping between it & the memory pack every time you want to save (& load) your progress.  One alternative is to dedicate a controller with your memory pack & place in the P4 slot... assuming you're not doing a 4-player game (or you're lacking enough rumble packs for everybody).

    The rumble pack does NOT include any storage, so you will need both (assuming the game supports both) for optimal experience.  I will note there are some 3rd party packs that to merge both rumble & storage together, but it's not officially supported (Nintendo designed them to be separate items) & your mileage will vary.

    For clarification, the RAM Expansion pack gets installed in the N64 itself (replacing the Jumper Pack) & is required for Donkey Kong 64 & Majora's Mask.  Gauntlet Legends & Perfect Dark don't require the Expansion pack, but recommend it for full game support since some features are not available without it.

    Gauntlet Legends can only support 2 players without the expansion pack & 4 players with.

    Perfect Dark can only support 2 players + 2/4 bots without the expansion pack & unlocks the full game (single player mission support + multiplayer w/ 4 players + 8 bots) with the expansion pack.

    Hope this helps!

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    The memory pack is used for games that are compatible with it to save game data.

    Not all games support this with some games saving data on the cart, itself.

    Both the rumble pack and the memory pack (among other accessories) fit in this slot but not all of them save data.  Only the memory pack will.

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