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Got my friend pregnant?

I'm a junior in college, and my friend and I were having casual sex for a couple weeks, and she recently told me she was pregnant. Since her and I stopped sleeping together, I started dating a different girl in the same friend group. My friend and I have decided we want to keep the baby and raise it together, but do not want to be in a relationship. Is it possible for me to parent with my friend while still dating my girlfriend, or is that too much to ask?

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    Tell your girlfriend.  Not everyone is opposed to it.  My two friends have a child together.  Cute kid and they were a cute couple. They broke up a while ago but it wasn’t an ugly break up, they were amicable.  They still co parent him.  They discuss the details of raising him like a married couple do so that the parenting style doesn’t change between homes 

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    You're really asking two very different questions:

    1. Will your current girlfriend be willing to be in a relationship with you knowing you fathered a child with someone else?  You'll have to ask her.

    2. Will you have time to date if you are supporting your friend's pregnancy, then parenting an infant, while going to school, and working (to support the child)?  Not likely.  

    You and your "friend" may want to figure out what "parent together" means to you.  A child, from birth until they are in school, needs 24 x7 x 365 care and supervision.  How, exactly are you going to co-parent a breast-feeding infant?  Are the two of you going to agree to find jobs and homes close to each other after graduation?  What happens if she falls in love with someone else?  

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    If I was the other girl (the one you are currently dating, I would say goodbye to you) why? It shows you didn't practice safe sex, and also no respect sleeping with JUST A FRIEND, I am 23 a girl and that is NOT OKAY!!!

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    That's up to your new girlfriend, if she wants to be involved in this triangular tangle.

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