what's the point in this?

I applied for a job back in December and I haven't heard any feedback at all from the company but I checked my application status & my application status is still listed as "Application under review". What's the point in that? it seems like they're not going to contact me, so I don't understand why it's listed as that


Whatever, I don't have time to sit around and wait for them to pick up the phone. I'm moving on!

Update 2:

This happened with the same company another time but it was a long time, when the virus wasn't even around, so nice try!

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  • 1 month ago
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    A little thing called a “global worldwide pandemic” is happening right now.

    So the company may have key staff off sick, or isolating due to exposure, or isolating because they live with critically vulnerable people.

    The company may also be re-evaluating its ongoing business plans but due to the vaccines now being used could well be delaying a decision until they can more accurately forecast future business prospects. 

    Or it may be that they still have interviews to complete or have only recently finished the process. COVID-security measures mean that if I normally expect to be able to interview six people per day, it’s now often reduced to just two or three: I cannot have more than one applicant in my waiting room at a time as I cannot separate them enough, and I have to get the room and surfaces sanitised afterwards. I also have to ventilate that room for half an hour after they depart. Those sanitisation and ventilation measures also apply to the room I now use to interview applicants.

    So still waiting after an interview in December is not at all unusual under current restrictions. It’s not even that unusual at this time of year under normal circumstances.

    Let them get on with what they’re doing and in the meantime don’t wait but just continue to look for work as normal.

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